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There are no local elections for Nash residents. This is because in Buckinghamshire they have been postponed until 2020 owing to the amalgamation of the District and County Councils.

Nash Parish Council has a casual vacancy for a new councillor. Please see below for formal notice and contact the Clerk if you are interested in joining us.

 /_UserFiles/Files/Notice of Parish Councillor Vacancy 16-9-2019.pdf

The Parish Council has published the Nash Neighbourhood Plan for pre-submission consultation. For a copy of the plan and further details see the Neighbourhood Plan page.

NashWelcome to the Nash Parish Council website. Nash is a small village in north Buckinghamshire and which forms part of the Aylesbury Vale District (AVDC).

There is a separate website for the village of Nash which contains details of the Village Hall, the Church, Youth Club, latest information affecting the village (other than Parish Council matters) and other information. This website can be found here

This website is designed to help the Parish Council share local and parish information and serves as a repository for Parish Council documents.