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 Notice of the Referendum to be held on the 24 November 2022

Notice of Referendum Nash



Cost Of Living Support

Below is the Government website for any residents who might be seeing help and support with the cost of living crisis.



Nash Neighbourhood Plan

24 February 2022

Buckinghamshire Council is carrying out the final consultation on Nash Neighbourhood Plan before it is sent to an Independent Examiner.

For more details please see the consultation page:

Nash Parish Council Meetings – Broadcasting and Recording Policy

A policy has now been approved and put in place to enable meeting to be broadcast by video conference so residents who are unable, or do not wish, to attend in person can participate in the public session of the agenda and/or observe NPC meetings. The policy also outlines the requirements for anyone who wishes to record NPC meetings.

Recording and Broadcasting Policy January 2022.pdf

Buckinghamshire Council 

Buckinghamshire Council replaced the former county council and four district councils on 1 April 2020. For information about services etc., please visit:

Winslow and District Police Team

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Nash Pond Redevelopment Project

Nash Pond Redevelopment 

Nash Parish Council (NPC) is starting to explore the possibility of a pond redevelopment project to improve the pond and the surrounding area. If the required funding can be secured, the aims of the project will be:

To remove sludge from the pond

To minimise the re-sludging of the pond

To remove invasive species in the pond

To ensure that the pond keeps water in all year round

To stop the pipes under both roads from becoming blocked

To stop the pond flooding over the road

To make the pond more wildlife friendly

To make the pond look more attractive

To ensure that future maintenance is minimal.

At its recent meeting NPC agreed to publish the report it considered. If you would like to contribute to the proposed project, please get in touch

 Nash Parish Council Renovation Projects

Dear Fellow Villagers,

One of the responsibilities of the Parish Council is the up-keep of the various assets which fall under the Council’s responsibility. The maintenance of these assets is important, particularly the ‘heritage’ assets which form part of the historical identity of our village. We carefully prioritise and schedule such work with one eye on ensuring things are done in the most cost effective way.

This year we have a few projects to do and so while we will be obtaining quotes from appropriately skilled contractors for some of the more complex work we’d like to see if there are any skilled volunteers in the village prepared to assist with the sanding and varnishing/staining of some of our benches, materials provided.

If you’d like to help, please contact the Parish Clerk at or contact me at

Many Thanks

Councillor Rhys Collins, Nash Parish Council