Meetings Dates Agendas & Minutes

The Council holds six regular meetings a year with additional meetings when required. These are normally on the third Thursday of alternate months (although this does not apply for the January meeting which is on Wednesday 10 January). Members of the public are free to attend meetings. There is a public session for any questions or matters to be raised by the public at either the beginning or end of each meeting and for a period of 10 minutes.

All council meetings are held in the Village Hall, 5 Stratford Road, Nash, Milton Keynes. MK17 0ES at 7.30pm

Please note that the minutes of each meeting are not formally approved by the Parish Council until the subsequent meeting; any minutes appearing on this website before the subsequent meeting should therefore be treated as in draft form only.

Meetings Dates Agendas & Minutes


Minutes of 12/4/18 meeting: /_UserFiles/Files/Minutes for April. doc.pdf

 Minutes of Annual Parish Council meeting of 17/5/18:  /_UserFiles/Files/Minutes May.pdf  

Minutes of 19/7/2018 meeting: /_UserFiles/Files/Minutes July .pdf

 Minutes of 20/9/2018 meeting: /_UserFiles/Files/Minutes Sept .pdf

 Minutes of 15/11/2018 meeting:

/_UserFiles/Files/Minutes Nov.pdf 





Minutes for meeting of 10/1/2019: 

/_UserFiles/Files/January Minutes.pdf

Minutes for meeting on 21/3/2019: 

/_UserFiles/Files/March Minutes.pdf 

 Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting 8/5/2019:

/_UserFiles/Files/0508 2019 Minutes APM.pdf

Annual Report for Annual Parish Meeting on 8/5/2019:

/_UserFiles/Files/APM 2019.pdf

Minutes for Annual Parish Council Meeting on 8/5/2019: 

/_UserFiles/Files/May Minutes.pdf

 Agenda for Parish Council meeting on 18/7/2019:

/_UserFiles/Files/_Agendas/NPC Agenda 18-7-19.pdf 

Minutes of Parish Council meeting on 18/7/2019 

 /_UserFiles/Files/NPC Minutes 18-7-19.pdf

 Agenda for Parish Council meeting on 19/9/2019

/_UserFiles/Files/NPC Agenda 19-9-19.pdf