List of Specific Responsibilities of Councillors (updated November 2021)
Planning Applications. As allocated by the Clerk to two Councillors unless it is a planning application that needs to be considered by the full Council.

Register of Pecuniary Interests of Councillors: 

Register of Pecuniary Interests 


 Winslow and Villages Community Board
 Footpaths and Hedges Vacant
 Grass Cutting
 Motorised Vehicle Activation Sign (MVAS) Vacant
 Neighbourhood Plan Cllr Mike Williams
 North Bucks Parishes Planning Consortium (NBPPC) Vacant
 Play Area and Recreation Ground Cllr Len York
 Pond Cllrs Kathy Hickey, 
 Village Sign, Pumps and Planting Areas Vacant


Mike Williams (Chair)

Janet Phillips

Rhys Collins

Kathy Hickey

Len York