Mike Williams (Chairman)

Barry Wyke

Len York

David Carter

Bill Affleck

Jo Jones

Susan Castle-Smith

List of specific responsibilities of Councillors 2018-19
Planning applications. As allocated by the Clerk unless it is a planning application that needs to be considered by the Full Council.

Register of the interests of Councillors can be found here:

/_UserFiles/Files/Register of interests 0611 2018.pdf 

Oversight of Western Expansion Area Stakeholder Group   Cllr Williams
Buckingham Local Area Forum representative.   Cllr Carter
Motorised vehicle activation sign (Mvas).   Cllr Carter
Play-area and recreation ground.   Cllr York 
Village sign, pumps and pond.   Cllr Wyke
Village sign and planting area.   Cllr Jones
NBPPC.   Cllr Carter
Neighbourhood Plan.   Cllr Williams



 Cllr Castle-Smith   

Cllr Affleck